How Next-Gen Advanced Ip  Filtering is Helping Healthcare Institutions Increase Security

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: April 11th, 2016

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Francesco Trama
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Today’s healthcare institutions are facing tremendous challenges as they continue to adopt the latest technologies in patient management and care. One of the key issues included in this new set of technology challenges is the issue of security. Maintaining patient and employee privacy, as millions of sensitive data points now exist on servers and in the cloud, becomes paramount. Also, preventing internet-connected devices from the risks of hacking or malware deployment becomes part of the patient care protocol.

Perhaps the most unsettling part of facing these challenges is that there is no “silver bullet”. There is no such thing as “do this, and you’ll avoid the problem.” On a daily basis, cybercriminals, who are richer in number, resources, and skill are looking for new ways to gain footholds in their targets. In the healthcare industry alone, there were 112 million records accessed from over 250 healthcare organizations.

With approximately 90,000 pieces of malware being released per day, the limits in the budget,  personnel, and the magnitude of the problem are overwhelming. The number of breaches is expected to increase over the next few years. No one can predict the future of malware. This is absolute. Regardless of what you might read within a product’s features on how smart it is, the human element to security flips this on its heads.

For those of you who feel the latest security threat identification application is the last piece of equipment needed, think again. Remember, you cannot predict the future of malware.

For Healthcare Institutions to Maximize Security, they Must Focus on Volume

Many healthcare providers are discovering that a different approach is necessary in order to prevent a breach. The most forward-thinking healthcare institutions have begun using a Next-GenerationAdvanced Ip Filter to monitor and reduce volume (incoming and outgoing) from untrusted or unwanted sources. This new layer of security:

  • Improves discovery time
  • Lowers the load and controls traffic much better than any other process in their arsenal
  • Addresses complexity when dealing with global network traffic

A Next-Generation Advanced Ip filter can filter bi-directionally with a few clicks of a mouse and address not just the countries but the companies within. This means you can block or limit the country by port and address the company traffic within a completely different prospect. While many feel a firewall may have some of these capabilities, the fact is it’s akin to building a wooden house with a sledgehammer.

While there is no fool-proof method of keeping healthcare information and devices safe, a multi-layer security approach is a must. Next-gen Advanced Ip filtering provides a layer that will focus on reducing volume, the fastest path to eliminating complexity and identifying new threats.

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