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Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: April 5th, 2017

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Edge Intelligence Drives Proactive Network Defense

Network security executives are increasingly identifying visibility as one of their top priorities.

Visibility at the perimeter is essentially important.  The ability to shine bright lights on the ingress & egress traffic at the edge can have a tremendously positive impact on network security and proactive perimeter defense.

PacketViper has inherently unique characteristics as an edge intelligence tool.  As such, PacketViper can be placed inline as an enhanced perimeter monitor, generating custom edge intelligence.

Easy Edge Intelligence

The edge of your network is the frontline of cybersecurity for your enterprise.  Gathering intelligence and creating transparency is simple with PacketViper.  Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Contact PacketViper to try it for a 30-days with no-risk & no money down

Step 2: Configure PacketViper inline & open

Step 3: Activate PacketViper triggers & alerts to enable traffic tagging

Step 4: Leverage new custom edge intelligence to create filtering rules that align traffic with the needs of the business

Unlike SIEMs & many current event managers, PacketViper does not require intense management and complex integrations with firewalls to enable active traffic filtering.  But with PacketViper in place , the SIEM, firewall and event manager all work better and drive more value.

And PacketViper is stateful, so over time as you configure your filtering rules that best suit your business, it will track traffic properly and not be subjected to millions of stateless connections.

Learn more about generating transparency with PacketViper triggers and alerts here:

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