DNC Should Rethink the Perimeter

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: July 25th, 2016

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Francesco Trama
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The  DNC data breach by cybercriminals serves as a reminder to all of us, irrespective of political party, our online data is constantly at risk.  Availability and accessibility of the tools to conduct the type of spear-phishing attack that caused the DNC breach are at an all-time high.  Hackers hiding behind veils of anonymity can attack from anyplace in the world and wield the powers of distraction and destruction through the size of the bot army they control, and the ability to flood existing network security technologies.  Nobody can eliminate these types of attacks, so defense strategies boil down to risk mitigation

DNC.jpgAt PacketViper we think a sound cybersecurity risk mitigation plan begins by rethinking the perimeter defense plan.  PacketViper helps you limit the attacker’s ability to see you without restricting your ability to do business, or run a campaign.

PacketViper sits outside of the firewall as an undetectable in-line bridge – and based on how you set up your layered traffic filtering you can effectively protect against spear-phishing attacks by filtering traffic based on business, threat, network and geographic intelligence at the port level, both inbound and outbound.   The result is a stronger perimeter that reduces spam in general and reduces traffic coming into the environment based on multiple factors.  PacketViper can also prevent the outbound release of critical data to undesirable destinations.

PacketViper does this with Advanced IP Filtering, which provides an essential layer of security at the perimeter.  At PacketViper we recognize the dangers of traffic flooding your network and monitor what enters and leaves your environment.

PacketViper.  Rethink the Perimeter.

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