5 Steps to Reducing Brute-Force & DDoS Attacks

Relentless brute-force attacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against enterprises continue to be on the rise. Most recently we have seen Mirai, and now there is Hajime. While these cyberattacks bear some technical differences, network administrators need to be concerned with the similarities of their objectives. DDoS and brute-force attacks both seek to gain access to the network with malicious intent.

Despite the rapidly changing nature of attacks, the technology most typically associated with the front-line of network defense has remained the firewall since the late 1980s. Firewalls have become a ubiquitous networking technology, and there have certainly been impressive advances in them over the years. Deep packet/application layer inspection is an important core competency of the firewall, but there is an increasingly illegitimate amount of traffic attempting to enter our networks that has no business going through the firewall inspection process.

Traffic Volume: A Root Cause Problem

The volume, variety and velocity of traffic hitting networks today compromises the abilities of the firewall and downstream solutions like IDS/IPS and SIEM. Volume also contributes to increased risk and overall cybersecurity costs.

The answer lies in intuitive and simple volume-reducing Advanced Perimeter Defense™ software that sits in front of the firewall and strips away unwanted and illegitimate traffic. PacketViper Cyber Border Control™ solutions let you easily enact these five essential steps in defending the perimeter from these high-volume attacks:

  1. Restrict Access – Allow your firewall to inspect only the expected traffic
  2. Limit Rates – Evaluate the volume of traffic entering/leaving the network
  3. Implement Sanctions – Ensure the correctness of your traffic sources and destinations
  4. Prevent Intrusions – Implement Virtual Minefield Zone™ traps and decoys to quarantine and deter attackers
  5. Increase Transparency – Gain total visibility into unwanted traffic and defended attacks in real-time

Point & Click Perimeter Defense

PacketViper is the only Advanced Perimeter Defense software that sits in front of the firewall and lets you filter both inbound and outbound traffic at the port level by simply clicking on any key component of the IP including:

  • Company
  • Country
  • Network

PacketViper Advanced Perimeter Defense takes up to 70% of the load off of downstream security solutions, prolongs costly and disruptive “rip and replace” plans and reduces overall security costs.

To learn about the leading Advanced Perimeter Defense software, please register for our brief weekly introductory demonstrations at PacketViper’s Weekly Demo page.

Rethink the perimeter.
Yours in security,

– Francesco Trama