5 DDoS Prevention Tips

Written by: Francesco Trama | Published on: January 25th, 2017

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Francesco Trama
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Distributed denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks can happen out of nowhere and leave a trail of complications for all in its wake. Popular companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Netflix are just 3 out of the thousands of companies who have been affected by these cyber incursions. While stopping a DDoS attack before it happens can be difficult, taking every precaution to help prevent one is not. Here are our 5 tips to prevent a DDoS attack from happening to you.

  1. Ddos-attack-ex.pngCatch a DDoS Attack Early on. Its recommended that you become accustom with your typical inbound traffic profile; the more you know about what your normal traffic looks like, the easier it is to spot when sudden changes occur . Most DDoS attacks start as large spikes in traffic,
  2. Create an “Incase of DDoS” plan. The best way to ensure that your company reacts as quickly and effectively as possible to an attack is to create a playbook which documents in detail every step of a pre-planned response when an attack is detected. The plan should include DDoS Specialists who are trained in keeping a DDoS Attack under control, and a Communication Teams to relay whats happening to your customers
  3. Defend your Network at the Perimeter. In the first few minutes of a DDoS Attack you can partially mitigate the attack by utilizing these tips:
    • Rate limit your router to prevent your web server from being overwhelmed
    • Add filters to tell your router to drop packets from obvious sources of attack
    • Timeout half-open connections more frequently
  4. Over provision your bandwidth. Having more bandwidth available means you can support unexpected surges in traffic. While it is unlikely that it wont stop a DDoS Attack it will certainly give you a few extra minutes to “Setup your Defenses and Prepare for Battle.”

Finally, don’t go out looking for trouble. Hackers love a good challenge and will attack your website if tested. If you get a threatening message or comment, just delete or ignore it. And don’t advertise your website where it is not appropriate, such as hacker forums.Remember any website is vulnerable to a DDoS attack so you need to be cautious always.