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October 15th
Every Cyber Attack has one thing in common. They can be launched and distributed from around the world, giving the attacker limitless possibilities, mobility, stealth, and time.
October 5th
With testing near complete PacketViper v2.0 made a big splash with its new face-lift, and jaw dropping features with network security professionals.
September 3rd
Francesco Trama, President & Co-Founder of Viper Network Systems, LLC, released a white paper introducing transformational new capabilities for Geo-IP filtering systems that Mr. Trama believes could revolutionize the cyber-security paradigm.
July 30th
WINNIPEG, MANITOBA - "Octopi has a powerful new ally in the war on cyber-crime and cyber-espionage," says Ian Trump, Chief Technical Officer at Octopi Managed Services Inc.
May 30th
Viper Network Systems is ready to show its stuff off at the ISACA’s Spanish Chapter Technical Roundtable in Madrid, Spain called “The New Security Landscape…Practical Cases & New Solutions”


How The Target Credit Card Breach Could Have Been Avoided: 

By Mike Monocelloeditor-in-chief, Business Solutions magazine
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"Last year I was introduced to a company named PacketViper that does some cool network filtering. In simplest terms, PacketViper is a network appliance that can, with a few clicks, block access to countries or parts of countries. Think about it. Is there any good reason why a retail associate should need to access IP addresses in Russia or a Russian IP address should be accessing ports on your network? Such a device could sit on a retailer’s network and prevent people, or malicious code, from accessing countries or areas that simply shouldn’t need to be accessed."

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May 22nd
Because of Ebay, Your Other Accounts Could Be Compromised!.
May 22nd
As I read through the news on the Ebay breach, I got to thinking,  it’s not just the Ebay account information you have to worry about, rather ANY other account that matches. For instance you can log into Ebay with either your email address…
May 4th
Today I woke and found this alert in my email: “ON WORLD Press Freedom Day, Saturday May 3, Panama’s TVN channel 2 received another “cyber-attack” on its website ( The network said that the attacks have gone on continuou…
October 26th
I could not agree more with this Huffington Post blogger.  Small business is the soft under belly of network security and everyone needs to wake up.  Think about it, small business have just as valuable data as the large organization, and their …
October 24th
Since the UN Identified this back in February, do you think the infections have spread, or have been curtailed? I would say with near certainty they have grown exponentially like a plague in every direction uncontrollably.  Here in the US we are find…